"I do Big Bass Drum because I love to do Big Bass Drum"
- Ava, 7 years old, Sept 2005.

|| Special Article: "Why Kids Should Meditate" || Quotes from the kids ||

“Move Like the Animals”

…….a fun, short (45 min.) class tailored
especially for kids……
Students will be encouraged to
move like the animals, as they
learn the ancient, classic forms
of Tai Chi in a modern format.

“Shake Out the Sillies”,
“Pat the Bear”,   
“Raindrops on the Water” and
“Catch the  Sparrow by Its Tail

are warm-up moves used to promote balance,coordination, concentration, strength, flexibility & fitness.

Regular practice of Tai Chi can help a child settle down, pay attention, and feel happy.   Soothing in nature, Tai Chi also serves as an energizer when needed, and can give kids a simple, natural way to handle tension and release stress. For the advanced student, Tai Chi may even become a “moving meditation”.

Tai Chi builds the child's confidence and self-esteem, promotes better concentration, and helps children relax and pay closer attention. It is a fun, innovative way for kids to stay fit, and happy and healthy.


The colorful Chinese puppets,
"Chan the Charming" and "Puff the Playful"
are integral in the Tai Chi for Kids program.


Glenda Hesseltine, M.A.,  is new to Humboldt County but not to Tai Chi and working with children.  With her Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology, and experience as a former teacher in the public school system, she also brings 18 years of training in Tai Chi as an instructor and health educator, certified in the Sun Style by Dr. Paul Lam of Australia.   Along with Tai Chi movements, she uses breathing training, acupressure techniques, guided imagery, sound toning, and Golden Light Healing in some of the classes. Her passion is working with youngsters to help American kids get fit and stay healthy the natural way.

Calli Hesseltine,  Glenda's 8 year old granddaughter, exhibits the concentration and relaxation  that practice of the classic Yang style provides.

On-going Children's Classes Available: Call Instructor for date & location.