"I like tai chi because it's slow and gives me time to mellow down,
I also like it because I can feel something that I cannot see."

- Nikolas Mussmann, age 9

  "I think adults and kids should do Tai Chi.  I find it fun, relaxing, and energizing.
At school, when I'm doing math, my body is aching to run,
but when I run, I don't feel any, I do my Tai Chi warm-ups. 
Now that feels good!"
-Finn Scott-Neff, age 9

"Gracful Dragon", Calli, age 8

Comments from the students at Rippon School.

“Thank you for comeing* and teaching us Tai Chi. It was so much fun.  I liked how each set of movements painted a picture in my mind and how you had an action, like grabbing the bird’s tail for them.  It was very relaxing for me.  I forgot what had been bothering me. I hope you will come again, so we can do Tai Chi ones more.”

Erica S.

“Thanks for coming on Friday.  That was an experience of a lifetime.  It was fun and it was relaxing.  When we were done I felt relaxed and energetic at the same time.  When I got home I told my family and my friend how much fun it was.   Some day I would like to know it as well as you do.  Thanks for coming I know you guys are busy.”


“Thanks a lot for coming to teach us Tai Chi. It was so fun.  It goes real slow.  It is relaxing, but its not easy.  The moves are hard to remember. Is it hard for you to remember the steps and movements?  I think it would be very hard.  When I grow up I want to do some more Tai Chi or some other Chinese/Japanese activity like Tae Kwan Do or Karate."

Kristen S.  

“Thank you for teaching us Tai Chi.  I thought it was pretty neat! I couldn’t remember all of the steps when I got home. I wish I could because it helps me relax and think a lot easier.  If I could remember the steps I would do it every morning when I wake up.  Thanks again. I really enjoyed it."

Yours truly,
Jake (the little one) 

“Thank you for coming to teach us Tai Chi. It was pretty fun, but I couldn’t keep my balance. It really did calm me down a little. Thanks again.”

John-Eric D. 

“It was neat to do a Chinese dance that has been done for years.  When I got home, I told my mom about the moves and she thought it was interesting.  I suggested she took it but she goes to a step arobic* class.  I think it would be neat to take marchall* arts class. When I get older like in my 40’s I’ll probley* take a class like Tai Chi or maybe even Tai Chi to stay in shape."

Yours truly,
Nathan W. 

“It was really relaxing and I forgot about everything. It really worked.  I think there should be a class for kids too!  I would really like to go if there was!  I couldn’t believe it worked so good!  My friend Brooke and I forgot all about yearbook staff and we remembered later on!  The only thing I would have a problem with Tai Chi would be remembering the names and steps.  I have a OK memory!  You really made my day on Friday. Thanks!"

Misty S.
PS: Come to our school again! 

“Thank you very much for coming to the school and teaching us Tai Chi.  It was a very fun experents*.”   

Yours truly,
Concepcin H.

“I thought it was nice to come down here and show us how to do Tai Chi. I thought it was neat and fun.  I like the part when you hold the ball and push out the monkey off my hand.  I hope you come back again some day."

Your student,
Danny T. 

“Thank you for coming it was fun and exciting. Now I now* a little bit of Tai Chi, I wish you can come again sometime and teach us more.  

Thank you,
Casey B. 

*letters were left in their original form.