One legend of the history of the graceful art of Tai Chi is that
it developed by observing birds and animals in nature, most
specifically, a fight between a bird and a snake.  Thus, many
of the martial arts moves have names relating to birds, such as
"White Crane Spreads Its Wings", and "Catch Sparrow by It's Tail", or
"Golden Cock on One Leg" , or "Bird Flaps It's Wings", or
"Beautiful Crane".

These beautiful Humboldt County birds were observed
and photographed in their graceful natural movements by
Tai Chi student Richard Jioras.
Another Humboldt County photographer, Kyanna Taillon,
caught the flow of chi in these pictures of Glenda playing Tai Chi in the
Arcata Community Forest and at Elk's Head, near Trinidad.

Kyanna Taillon's camera seems to capture the "chi ball" of energy moving from Glenda's hands, in these pictures taken with natural lighting in the Arcata forest.



"Glenda is often joined in the kids Tai Chi classes by her unusual friends, "Chan the Charming", and "Puff the Playful", two Chinese dragons who help make learning Tai Chi even more fun for the children.

( Puff is a bit camera shy,
so her picture did not show up as good ...whereas Chan is more aggressive and he is always a bit of a ham.)